Hot Water Heaters

With energy bills on the rise for the average Australian household, Solahart is here to help you make savings by converting from traditional gas or electric water heaters to alternative energy sources such as solar water heaters and solar power (PV) systems.

Australians count themselves fortunate to live in a largely sun-soaked country. So why not harness this energy to provide hot water and solar power (PV) for your household. Solahart has been manufacturing and installing solar hot water systems since 1953.  Since then we have installed more than One million units across 70 countries, helping both home owners and businesses harness the sun’s free energy, reducing their costs and carbon footprint in the process. 

Depending on the layout of your home, your local Solahart Expert may recommend a roof top solar system, a split system solar water heater, or a heat pump.

Split Solar System

Providing maximum flexibility, a split system solar water heater features the solar collectors mounted on the roof, ideally in a North facing orientation. At ground level a storage tank is located in a convenient, out-of-the way position, either indoors or outdoors. The water is circulated between the panels and tanks via way of a built-in solar controller.

Roof Top Solar System

A roof top solar system may be preferable for homes with limited ground space. These systems feature both the solar panels and tank installed out of the way on the roof. For the days when the sun doesn't shine, the units come with a pre-installed thermostatically controlled electric booster. If you prefer gas boosting, then we have you covered with a solar compatible gas booster.

Solahart’s global longevity is due, in part, to our unwavering commitment to quality and advancements in technology. With each generation of products we have an eye towards improvements. For expert advice regarding the best solar power (PV) or solar water heating solution for your home, contact your local Solahart Expert for a free solar assessment. Call 1300 721 984 or simply complete the form below and Solahart will contact you. 

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