Installing solar is one of the best solutions to save you money by helping you reduce your constantly rising energy bills. Solar is great for the environment, and we are the sunniest continent in the world, making the switch to solar a no-brainer.

The key to a good solar experience is having the right partner. As the country’s solar pioneer, Solahart was built on the foundation that people deserve access to renewable energy solutions using energy free from the sun, saving on energy bills, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Australians need to be careful of solar providers selling systems one day and going out of business the next.

According to the Consumer Action Law Centre, close to 700 solar companies have gone out of business since 2011. These solar businesses are often those offering remarkably low prices. However, the products they offer may lack the necessary design and engineering standards and long-term functionality. To get to low prices, shortcuts often need to be taken sometimes resulting in having to cease operation.

This leaves thousands of Australian households with no assistance and worthless warranties in the event something goes wrong over the life of their system.

Solahart is one of Australia’s largest PV and solar hot water providers and has been the trusted name in solar since 1953, with a dealer network that spans all around Australia. But, while Solahart has a national presence, it’s our dealers’ knowledge of their local customers that helps deliver great energy savings. We have installed more than one million solar water heaters worldwide and over one million solar power panels in Australia. Our high-quality products, trusted warranties, and demonstrated longevity are the factors that Australians need to consider when switching to solar.

Some solar providers fall back to manufacturers' warranties in the event of an issue and may not take accountability for the problem. As part of our warranty policy, Solahart customers can trust that they will receive local customer support and peace of mind knowing that if you need help, Solahart will be here for the long haul.

As a manufacturer, we understand the importance of meeting strict national standards. Our products have undergone vigorous testing and are built to withstand even the harshest Australian conditions. We back all our systems with Solahart warranties you can trust, making us the smart choice for solar.

Solahart Warranty

For all SERVICE or WARRANTY enquiries please call: 1800 638 011, or contact your nearest Solahart Dealer.

Please refer to the relevant product's Solahart Owner's Guide and Installation Instructions for warranty details.


Warranty Archive - We look after all our Warranties by using the details above. For further information, Solahart provides or has supplied products from the following manufacturers. The Australian contact details for these manufacturers are shown below:


Silhouette Panel

SunCell Panel

SunCell Plus Panel

Solahart SERVICE: 1800 638 011 or contact your nearest Solahart Dealer.
Q Cells Q Cells Panel (03) 7500 5500
REC Solar REC Panel (03) 9020 2056
FIMER/ABB Inverter 1800 769 663
SolarEdge Inverter
1800 465 567
GoodWe Inverter
(03) 9918 3905
Goodwe Service
SMA Inverter 1800 768 287
Tesla Battery-Gateway 1800 294 431
LG Battery 1300 178 064
BYD Battery 02 8005 6688
IMO Balance of System 1300 34 21 31;
Clenergy Racking System 03 9239 8088;
Combined Energy Technologies Home Energy Management Products